Meet innovators from NRW and the Netherlands who are shaping the medicine of tomorrow with their new developments – based on biohybrid materials.

Tonny Voermans from BioMed-Elements B.V. will showcase “Nano-Sinusgel: Nano-based delivery system of a smart hydrogel

The goal is to have a preclinical prototype nano-based delivery system of a SMART biomaterial-based hydrogel to prevent post-operative complications following functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) to start in-vivo testing. In this project the consortium will work towards a controlled release of corticosteroids (CTS)-containing sinus gel for postoperative application after FESS.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmitz-Rode from the Institute for Applied Medical Technology, RWTH Aachen University, will present “ProBioMed: Model-based regulation of biohybrid implant maturation

A consortium of scientists from medicine, biology, engineering, and material sciences from four faculties of RWTH Aachen University is researching the maturation behaviour of artificial heart valves with the body’s own cells and tissue in the bioreactor. The aim of the project is to produce perfectly biocompatible and permanently functional heart valves.

We have published the screen recording of the event. You can find the video here: